HERITAGE STUDY PROGRAMS PRESENTS: An advanced bible study program and a fact finding expedition to Israel, focusing on the status of Jerusalem and the region’s security & defense.



A Fact Finding Expedition to Israel

A Holy Land Advanced Bible Study Program "In the footsteps of Jesus", also focusing on the
status of Jerusalem and the region's Security & defense


Rev. Robert Schenck, Rev. Paul Schenck And Rev. Patrick Mahoney

U.S.- Israel relations, Hamas, Hezbollah, Radical Islamists and the regional turmoil are not only critical to Israel's welfare and survival, but also to the entire Western Society. How does the Jewish state and the West deal with the issue of security and defense?

Also, when twenty percent of its citizens (Israeli/Arabs) are largely opposed to its existence and in some cases actively disloyal to it. What must Israelis do to preserve the Zionist achievement in the long term, how does Israel deal with this growing, alienated population? Are Israeli Arabs now Palestinians? Where do Israeli Arabs fit in the constellation of Middle East alliances?

Preliminary list of speakers and presenters:

Dr. Dore Gold, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Ambassador Ali Yahya, Dr. Ron Wexler
Please see speakers information on the bios page.

On Location Advanced Bible Study Program Sessions:

November 4 -November 13, 2013